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`Pachira` aquatica Family: Bombacaceae
The genus `Pachira` has 24 species from the wetlands in Central America (Mexico to Brazil).
It is very often called `Money Tree` and is one of the `feng-shui plants`.
It is supposed to be the plant that will bring good luck and money into your home.
`Pachira` does not have special requirements and it is a hardy plant that will adapt well to different conditions.
Take care of your `Pachira` like any other indoor houseplant.
It will quickly adapt to less light and less water.
You don't have to water very often, but don't let the soil go totally dry.
In darker areas, leaves grow smaller and these can survive for a long time in very poor light.
Leaves can be trimmed at any time, they grow up fast.
Not necessary to fed fertilizer.
【Growing conditions】
`Pachira` needs plenty of light, however avoid direct sunlight during summer, because its leaves may get sunburned.
`Pachira` will tolerate brief exposure to temperatures as low as 28ºF (-2.2ºC), but may drop some leaves.
Water 4-5 times a month. (2-3 times a week in summer-time )
Do not let the pot sit on water and always empty excess water from
the pot tray.

Thunberg's meadowsweet Family: Rose
It is a deciduous shrub that is distributed from Kanto district of Honshu to Shikoku, Kyushu of Japan, and China.
This shrub occurs on rock crevices along streams, forms a clump and can reach 1-2M in height.
Leaves are lanceolate and alternate. True white flowers on the umbels come from March to April.
There are several cultivars with pale pink flower.

Hibiscus Family: Malvales
Hibiscus need to be taken care of in warm temperatures.
They bloom best with temperatures ranging from 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (15 to 30C).

Sansevieria Family: Ruscaceae
Sansevieria trifasciata is used predominantly as an ornamental plant, outdoors in warmer climates, and indoors as a houseplant in cooler climates. It is popular as a houseplant as it is tolerant of low light levels and irregular watering.
It will rot easily if overwatered.
It is also often used as an air filtering plant because it has a tendency to absorb certain poisonous substances.

Goldcrest Family: Cupressaceae
Cold time, it is the plant which in especially Christmas becomes popularity.
Change appears in the gold ~ lime green ~ green and leaf color with sunshine condition.
It is said that the refreshment effect, it goes out and there is an ill-smelling deodorization effect and an anti-bacterial insect proof effect.


You put the pots sunlight hits and blown wind well.
In summer (7/10〜9/10 nagoya), You move the pots in the shade.

When the surface of soil of the pots dries, You give the water.
in winter (12/01〜2/28 nagoya), you give the water to the pots every 2-3 days.
In spring/fall, you give the water to the pots every 1-2 days.
In summer, you give the water to the pots everyday.

It does not need Fertilizer basically, when potting compost is inserted in the pots.